• 两封学术推荐信,可以使用Leeds提供的模板(模板可以致电O4U索取 0800 909 8688),需学校盖章;或使用学生院校抬头的信纸,无需盖章
  • 一份成绩单和学历证明或在读证明。已毕业者提供完整成绩单,在读者提供已有成绩单,需附有英文版。



2016 translation tests

  • Arabic into English | English into Arabic
  • Chinese into English | English into Chinese
  • French into English
  • German into English
  • Italian into English
  • Japanese into English | English into Japanese
  • Portuguese into English
  • Russian into English
  • Spanish into English




Dear International Agent,

I am delighted to inform you that the University of Leeds Centre for Translation Studies 2016-17 admissions is now open for applications!

Please see the up to date information on the Centre for Translation Studies admissions web pages, with instructions on the entry requirements and documents to include in an application.

Please note the deadline of 31 January 2016 for complete applications to study interpreting and/or translation with Chinese language in 2016-17 (including meeting the English language requirements). We therefore advise your students to take the IELTS exam as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

Here is a reminder of the documents we require (if your students have not sent them already) in order to consider an application:

  • Two academic references. References should be written/typed onto the report form, or presented on a sheet of official headed paper.
  • A copy of the official degree transcripts and certificates. Please provide a full transcript if you have finished your degree or a partial transcript if you are still studying. If the transcripts and certificates are not in English, you should also include an official translation.

· If English is not your first language, you will need to provide a copy of a Secure English Language Test accepted by the University of Leeds (e.g. IELTS), unless you have studied for at least 2 years in an English speaking country or have completed a Master degree in the UK.

Applications for translation and/or interpreting with Chinese language: applications that do not meet the relevant programme’s English language requirements by the deadline of 31 January 2016 will not be considered.

  • Applicants seeking Specialised Translation: A 2016 translation test for each language combination you wish to study. Translation tests for 2016 entry are available from October at the How to Apply page in the Admissions section of the Centre for Translation Studies website. For example, if you wish to study both Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation, you should complete both the ‘Chinese into English’ and the ‘English into Chinese’ test. Please note the deadline of 31 January 2016 for applicants seeking to enrol for Specialised Translation modules with Chinese as working language. Eligibility for study on any Specialised Translation module is subject to passing the translation test for the relevant language pair.


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